Culpeper County School System 5th Grade Class



We will have 12-15 exhibitors set up displays in 4 different 60x60 hangars as we bring over the entire Culpeper 5th grade class in groups to work through the exhibits. The Culpeper Air Fest is extremely excited to offer this program for the students again this year! It is part of our ongoing goal to provide educational opportunities to our community. More news to follow as we get more of our planning for 2019 in place.

Last Year Students Experienced


Code Breaker Devices: Experiment with various methods used to break a code. Cold War Museum

Virtual Welding Devices: Try your hand at welding,an in-demand skill in the workforce. Germanna Community College

Airplane Build: Learn about flight through a paper airplane build. Eastern View High School

More About Drones: Learn about drone technology and the many applications in industry, research, intelligence, search & rescue. Drones are not just toys! Germanna Community College

Robotic Exercises: Coding exercises and robotics play. NOVA Systemics

Linemen Pole: Climbs and electrical principles. Southside Community College and Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

Green Asphalt Technology Display: Learn about the components of building our roads. (Virginia has the third largest roadway system in the USA). Chemung Industries

Project Bearhawk: Observe an actual airplane build through this exhibit. Altron Foundation

Solar Kit Builds: Nextera Energy

Experiments in States of Matter, Magnetic Principles and Electricity: Micron

Flight Videos: Rise Above Dome

Model Airplane Flying Demos: Ko & Co.

Helicopter Tour: Steve Nixon

Cessna Tour: Mark LeRoy